bfoUP Young Producer Webinars

bfoUP Young Producer

See a future in the beef industry? Between the ages of 18-40?

BFO hosted a series of webinars throughout the winter and spring of 2018 for young Ontario producers and industry members.

BFO will be continuing these webinars in the late fall of 2018 and early winter of 2019, so stay tuned during those times!

These webinars feature Ontario producers and industry representatives discussing a variety of topics; from being an effective agvocate to succession planning among many others that you can apply on-farm, as well as to general industry. These are an opportunity to learn and network with young industry enthusiasts, gain the knowledge to develop and expand operations, get involved with the beef community and further the expansion and progress of the Ontario beef industry.

Missed out on past webinars?

These are still available to take part in! All bfoUP webinars will be recorded and available online after the session. Registrants will receive a link to the recording, and they are all available below.

Those who attend the event have the chance to ask questions and interact with other attendees.


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