bfoUP Young Producer Webinars

bfoUP Young Producer

See a future in the beef industry? Between the ages of 18-40?

BFO will be hosting a set of webinars throughout the winter and spring for young Ontario producers and industry members!

These will be an opportunity to learn and network with young industry enthusiasts, to gain the knowledge to develop and expand operations, get involved with the beef community and further the expansion and progress of the Ontario beef industry. The webinars will feature a variety of topics from being an effective agvocate to succession planning among many others that you can apply on-farm, as well as to general industry.

BFO's next upcoming bfoUP webinar will occur on April 11, 2018 at 8pm!


Kara and her family have been successful in developing a market and brand for their beef in direct marketing. They continue to find new and innovative ways to market the products that they develop, all while ensuring the utmost care and quality of their cattle.
This will be a great talk on the different strategies Kara has utilized to overcome the challenges she has faced in developing the Enright Cattle Company.

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Those who attend the event have the chance to ask questions and interact with other attendees.




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