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Ontario Beef magazine is the official publication of the Beef Farmers of Ontario. It is issued five times a year in February, May, August, October and December to over 16,000 beef farmers. Ontario Beef covers topics of interest in the beef industry, including research, producer profiles, policy issues, market information and industry updates.

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Current Magazine - December 2018

A Bold New Path: Growing market share for Ontario beef at home and abroad

The Ontario beef industry is steeped in tradition. Our farms have been passed down from generation to generation. The passion for caring for our cattle and our land has been passed down from generation to generation. Our desire to produce premium quality, delicious beef for people to enjoy has been passed down from generation to generation...

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DON in corn – what does it mean for feeding cattle?

Parts of the province, particularly south western Ontario, are seeing above average levels of DON in corn this year. This has left livestock producers raising questions about the risks of mycotoxins and safe levels for feeding livestock...

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Vet On Call: To Ship or Not to Ship?

This time of the year, cull cows are on the move. Open cows, cows that didn’t raise a good calf, cows that can’t keep condition, or cows that have simply done their time on the farm are all being culled from the herd. Before loading these cattle on a trailer and sending them to a sales barn, make sure they are indeed fit for their final ride...

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