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Current Magazine - May 2018

Managing the Health of Your Calf Crop: Strategies that can help improve calf health and reduce the need for antibiotic use

At the tail end of spring calving season, the importance of herd health is fresh in our minds. Whether you are still in the midst of calving or planning for the future, reviewing your management strategies is a good practice when it comes to improving or maintaining herd health...

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Cow Herd Expansion Efforts in Northern Ontario: A Final Report on BFO's Cow Herd Expansion Projects

More than five years ago, during their strategic planning process, the BFO Board of Directors identified the need to address a shrinking cow herd and decreasing supply of locally produced beef in the province. The Board recognized that this decline posed a direct threat to the survival of our entire industry across the province. To address these concerns, BFO accessed funding through Growing Forward 2 (GF2) to investigate the feasibility of cow herd expansion in Northern Ontario, where land is more affordable and the landscape and climate is suitable for livestock production...

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Vet on Call: Welcome to the Family

Whether it is a new breeding bull once every few years, replacement heifers or cow/calf pairs to grow your herd, or you run a backgrounding or feedlot operation, sometimes it is necessary to introduce new animals onto your farm. New animals can have many benefits – introduction of new and improved genetics and more rapid farm expansion and growth as the most obvious – but they can also present one very real and dangerous risk: the introduction of disease. If the purchase of even one new animal is in your future, make sure you are prepared with an excellent biosecurity plan and are ready to follow a few basic, but very important, steps to keep your cattle healthy...

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