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Current Magazine - February 2018

The Canadian Beef Industry’s Water Footprint is Shrinking

In 2016, the Beef Cattle Research Council’s (BCRC’s) Science Director received 10 letters like this: “Dear Dr. Bergen…. My name is Emma. I am in 6th grade at Rime Street Elementary. My class found out on that it takes 2,500 liters of water to produce one kilogram of beef. Another site said 25,000 liters…. all these different answers are confusing. My social teacher also showed us a video named Cowspiracy, but it didn’t help. Do you have a dependable answer?”...

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Dare to Dairy? An experimental program shows feeding Holstein calves for beef can be viable in Northern Ontario – but not without its challenges.

Here at BFO, we recognize the opportunity Northern Ontario offers for expanding the province’s cow herd, and our work exploring the potential for northern beef production has taken us in a number of directions. From the issue of acquiring Crown land and establishing new farms, to the economic modeling of start-up operations, our Beef North initiative has covered a lot of ground and produced a wealth of information to the benefit of both northern and southern producers alike. One area of focus that’s been particularly interesting has been experimentation with different production models, with the goal of identifying novel practices that make a profit in the north, while developing a body of knowledge on what works and what doesn’t...

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Letting It All Hang Out: Dealing with a Prolapsed Uterus

There are few things more alarming during calving season than when you arrive at the barn and see a cow with her “calf bed” hanging between her back legs. A uterine prolapse is a true emergency so it is important to know what to do, who to call and what can be done to prevent it...

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