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Current Magazine - August 2018

Beef Cost of Production to see heightened focus by BFO: New attention being put towards cost of production, benchmarking, and best practices

Accurate cost of production (COP) figures have been notoriously difficult to nail down for Ontario’s beef farmers. With the wide variety of production practices employed, and the incredible complexity of raising cattle, modeling costs for either individual farms or the industry as a whole has either been too generalized to produce useful numbers or too specific to be used in a widespread manner. There is a real need, however, to get a handle on the cost of production in the province – taking on new production practices without reliable information on cost and profit impacts entails a lot of risk, and without benchmarks, farmers looking to improve their practices will have little guidance on how they stack up compared to similar operations...

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Durham Region couple focuses on herd sustainability

They say Allison (Argue) Nesbitt followed Ryan home to the family farm and everything else is history – but there’s more to the story. Their partnership, determination and passion to build a livelihood in Ontario’s beef industry are the pillars of their success and family farming legacy...

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OMAFRA Update: Creep Feeding Beef Cattle

During the first three months of life, beef calves receive all of their nutrition from the cow. Provided the calf gets a good milk supply and access to highly digestible forage, potential pre-weaned growth rates until weaning can be 1.3 to 1.4 kg (2.86 to 3 lb) or more per day for bull calves, and 1.1 to 1.2 kg (2.40 – 2.60 lbs) or more per day for heifer calves. The more milk a beef cow can produce, the faster her calf will grow. All beef breeds show considerable variation in milk production potential. Some beef breeds, e.g. Simmental, have relatively high milk yield potential when compared to other beef breeds, but there is still considerable variation between individual animals...

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