General Statistics

  • Ontario beef represents farm gate sales revenue of almost $1.4 billion, processing revenue of $3.5 billion, and retail sales of $9 billion annually.

  • Ontario’s beef industry is responsible for 9,500 jobs in primary production, 9,000 in processing, and almost 43,900 in retail.

  • The beef industry represents 13.7% of the Ontario farms (classified by industry) in 2011, down from 22.5% in 2001.

  • The beef industry in Ontario represents 20% of the Canadian fed cattle population and 7% of the beef cow population in Canada.

  • There are currently 268,100 beef cows on Ontario farms.

  • The average number of head per beef farm in Ontario is 66.

  • The average age of a farm operator in Ontario is 54.5 years (2011).

  • The average Canadian consumes 44 lbs of beef per year.

  • Ontario's beef production accounts for roughly 50% of the beef consumed in the province.

  • Number of Cattle on Farms in Ontario (OMAFRA)
  • Number of Cattle By County in Ontario (OMAFRA)

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