Denfield Livestock Exchange Report

Sale date: February 20, 2019

510 total head on offer: 211 fed cattle, 102 cows, 5 bulls, 45 veal & 147 drop calves

A large offering of fed cattle on hand were steady to last week with the fancy cattle bringing a premium. Veal traded barely steady with little demand. Cull cows sold good and steady to last week, drop calves traded slightly higher. 

March 23rd @ 11:00 am- First Special Spring Stocker & Bred Cow Sale!

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Livestock Price Range Top
Choice steers 150.00-155.00 159.50
Good steers 145.00-150.00  
Choice heifers 148.00-152.00 164.00
Good heifers 142.00-147.00  
Good Hol. veal 95.00-105.00 116.00
Plain & heavy veal 80.00-90.00  
Good beef bulls 79.00-91.00  
Good Hol bulls N/T  
Good beef cows 70.00-80.00 107.00
Good Hol. cows 60.00-70.00  
D1 & D2 cows 50.00-60.00  
D3 & D4 cows 40.00-50.00  
Choice drop calves $140.00-$190.00/hd. $410.00/hd
Good drop calves $75.00-$125.00/hd.  
Plain and newborns $20.00-$70.00/hd.  

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