Denfield Livestock Exchange Report

Sale date: July 17, 2018

379 total head on offer: 109 fed cattle, 79 cows, 2 bulls, 38 veal & 151 drop calves

The fed cattle sold slightly lower with the fancy cattle selling good and the second cut trading under pressure.  Veal sold steady and cull cows sold steady and higher on some good cows.  Drop calves sold strong with a real good demand.

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Livestock Price Range Top
Choice steers 150.00-155.00 158.00
Good steers 145.00-150.00  
Choice heifers 145.00-150.00  
Good heifers 140.00-145.00  
Good Hol. veal 105.00-115.00  
Plain & heavy veal 90.00-105.00  
Good beef bulls 99.50-104.00  
Good Hol bulls N/A  
Good beef cows 75.00-85.00 91.00
Good Hol. cows 70.00-80.00  
D1 & D2 cows 60.00-70.00  
D3 & D4 cows 50.00-60.00  
Choice drop calves $225.00-$300.00/hd. $570.00/hd
Good drop calves $150.00-$225.00/hd.  
Plain and newborns $40.00-$125.00/hd.  

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