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ZoneCategoryContact Information
SouthernLivestock Trucker Aldcorn Bros
R R 1, Badjeros, ON    N0C 1AO
Phone: 519-925-6414
SouthernProvincial Packer Alvinston Custom Butchering Ltd
398 Broadway Street, Alvinston, ON    N0N 1A0
Phone: 519-898-2821
SouthernProvincial Packer Alwalaa Halal Meat
1728 Lawrence Ave. E., Scarborough, ON    M1R 2Y1
Phone: 416-285-0778
SouthernProvincial Packer Alzahraa Halal Meat Inc
2032 Lawrence Ave East, Scarborough, ON    M1R 2Z3
Phone: 416-701-1590
SouthernProvincial Packer Artisan Farms Direct Ltd.
133 Milvan Drive, Toronto, Ontario    N9L 1Z8
Phone: 416-616-8834
SouthernAuction Market Aylmer Stockyards Inc
RR 1, 8933 Walker Road, Aylmer, ON    N5H 2R1
Phone: 519-765-2672
SouthernProvincial Packer Beef Way
2034 Highway 21, Kincardine, ON    N2Z 2X4
Phone: 519-396-2257   Website:
SouthernLivestock Trucker Benjamin, John
R R 1, Salford, ON    N0J 1W0
Phone: 519-485-4374
SouthernProvincial Packer Bentinck Packers Ltd
R R 3, Hanover, ON    N4N 3B9
Phone: 519-364-3538
SouthernLivestock Trucker Bierworth Trucking
R R 1, Chesley, ON    N0G 1L0
Phone: 519-363-2103
SouthernLivestock Trucker Bill Wight Livestock
R R 2, Nanticoke, ON    N0A 1L0
Phone: 905-776-2666
SouthernLivestock Trucker Bowman, A M
RR 3, Listowel, ON    N4W3G8
Phone: 519-698-2787
SouthernLivestock Trucker Bowman, Leander
RR 1, 6735 Perth Line 88, Gowanstown, ON    N0G1Y0
Phone: 519-291-9261
SouthernLivestock Trucker Boyd, Allan
R R 2, Meaford, ON    N0H 1Y0
Phone: 519-953-2988
SouthernLivestock Trucker Boys, Alvin
200 Gordon St., Fergus, ON    N1M 2W3
Phone: 519-843-2340
SouthernLivestock Trucker Brander, Don
8967 9th Line, RR 1, Norval, ON    N0P 1K0
Phone: 905-877-1505
SouthernLivestock Trucker Brindley Co. Ltd.
R R 4, Goderich, ON    N7A 3Y1
Phone: 519-952-8114
SouthernLivestock Trucker Broadway Farms
R R 4, Brampton, ON    L6T 3S1
Phone: 905-584-1295
SouthernLivestock Trucker Brown, Gord
Parkhill, ON    N0M 2K0
Phone: 519-923-8733
SouthernLivestock Trucker Brown, Herb
R R 7, St. Marys, ON    N4X 1C9
Phone: 519-922-6470
SouthernAuction Market Brussels Livestock
Box 59, R R 3, Brussels, ON    N0G 1HO
Phone: 519-887-6461   Fax: 519-887-9449   Website:
Sale Information: Tues - Fed Cattle/Cows; Thurs - Veal/Lambs; Friday - Stockers
SouthernLivestock Trucker Brussels Transport
85811 Brussels Line, Bluevale, ON    N0G 1G0
Phone: 1-800-667-8399
SouthernAuction Market Cargill Auction Market
Box 64, Cargill, ON    N0G 1J0
Phone: 519-366-2214
Sale Information: Wed - Feeders, Stockers, Yearlings
SouthernFederal Packer Cargill Meat Solutions
165 Dunlop Drive, Guelph, ON    N1L 1P4
Phone: 519-823-5200
SouthernLivestock Trucker Catillac Transport
New Hamburg, ON    N0B 2G0
Phone: 519-966-9207
SouthernLivestock Trucker Christo Livestock
R R 3, Tillsonburg, ON    N4G 4G8
Phone: 519-968-8310
SouthernLivestock Trucker Clark Transport
R R 1, Meaford, ON    N4L 1W5
Phone: 519-953-5387
SouthernLivestock Trucker Cressman, Dale
R R 2, Zurich, ON    N0M 2T0
Phone: 519-923-4846
SouthernAuction Market David Carson Farms & Auction Services Ltd.
R R 3, Listowel, ON    N4W 3G8
Phone: 519-291-2049   Fax: 519-291-5065   Website:
Sale Information: Wed - Mixed Sale
SouthernLivestock Trucker De Boer, Frank
1715 Townline Rd., Smithville, ON    L0R 2A0
Phone: 905-957-1586 cell 905-541-0250
SouthernAuction Market Denfield Livestock Exchange Inc.
R R 2, Denfield, ON     N0M 1P0
Phone: 519-666-1140
SouthernFederal Packer Dominion Meat Packers Inc
2255 St. Clair Ave West, Toronto, ON    M6N 1K5
Phone: 416-762-7281
SouthernLivestock Trucker Donald Transport
R R 2, Mount Forest, ON    N0G 2L0
Phone: 519-323-3279
SouthernLivestock Trucker Double R Trucking
R R 2, Listowel, ON    N4W 3G7
Phone: 519-929-9197
SouthernLivestock Trucker Drudge Transport
St. Jacobs, ON    N0B 2N0
Phone: 519-966-2738
SouthernLivestock Trucker Earl MacDonald & Sons
Dutton, ON    N0L 1J0
Phone: 519-976-2142
SouthernLivestock Trucker Einwechter Ltd.
New Hamburg, ON    N3A 2W5
Phone: 519-662-1088
SouthernLivestock Trucker Elliot, Gordon
Kenilworth, ON    N0G 2E0
Phone: 519-984-6133
SouthernProvincial Packer Field Gate Organics
Box 389 , Zurich, ON    N0M 2T0
Phone: 519-228-7717
SouthernLivestock Trucker Finlay Transport Limited
Dresden, ON    N0P 1M0
Phone: 519-683-2687
SouthernLivestock Trucker Flanagan, Jeff
R R 3, Durham, ON    N0G 1R0
Phone: 519-936-6591
SouthernLivestock Trucker Fleming, Owen
Milverton, ON    N0K 1M0
Phone: 519-959-4536
SouthernLivestock Trucker Foster, Steve
R R 1, Linwood, ON    N0B 2A0
Phone: 519-969-2351
SouthernLivestock Trucker Frizzell, Bill
R R 1, Shelburne, ON    L0N 1S0
Phone: 519-925-3449
SouthernLivestock Trucker Fulsom Transport
Fisherville, ON    N0A 1G0
Phone: 905-779-3532
SouthernLivestock Trucker G L Griffith & Sons
R R 7, Dresden, ON    N0P 1M0
Phone: 519-935-6652
SouthernLivestock Trucker G L Smith & Sons
6687 Cobble Hills Rd., St. Marys, ON    N4X 1C7
Phone: 519-808-0624
SouthernLivestock Trucker Garry Preist Trucking Ltd.
22 Bertram Industrial Pkwy, Midhurst, ON    L0L 1X0
Phone: 705-719-9632
SouthernLivestock Trucker Geisel, Glen
R R 1, West Montrose, ON    N0B 2V0
Phone: 519-966-5716
SouthernProvincial Packer Gord's Abattoir Ltd
643 HWY 77, Leamington, ON    N8H 3V8
Phone: 519-326-2503
SouthernLivestock Trucker Gordon, C R
R R 3, Guelph, ON    N1H 6H9
Phone: 519-976-0667
SouthernLivestock Trucker Govier, Ann
R R 1, Princeton, ON    N0J 1V0
Phone: 519-945-4777
SouthernAuction Market Grey Bruce Livestock Co-operative Ltd-Wiarton Sales Barn
R R 3, Owen Sound, ON    N4K 5W9
Phone: 519-371-4400
Sale Information: Sales barn- 519534-0400
SouthernLivestock Trucker Haalstra, William
R R 9, Dunnville, ON    N1A 2W8
SouthernLivestock Trucker Haanstra, Jerry
798 Highland Rd., Vinemount, ON    L8J 3G8
Phone: 905-564-3013
SouthernLivestock Trucker Hackbart, Ed
R R 3, Wellesley, ON    N0B 2T0
Phone: 519-699-5249
SouthernLivestock Trucker Hackbart, James
R R 2, Wellesley, ON    N0B 1T0
Phone: 519-957-5521
SouthernLivestock Trucker Haffner Transport
R R 3, Wallenstein, ON    N0B 2S0
Phone: 519-699-5921
SouthernAuction Market Hagersville Auction Centre
R R 6, Hagersville, ON    N0A 1H0
Phone: 905-768-5601
Sale Information: Fri & Mon - Mixed, Cows, Bulls, Fed Cattle, Stockers, Veal
SouthernLivestock Trucker Hamilton, Doug
Palmerston, ON
Phone: 519-343-3504
SouthernProvincial Packer Hank Dekoning Ltd.
RR 3, 1768 Hwy 6 South, Port Dover, ON    N0A1N3
Phone: 519-583-0115
SouthernLivestock Trucker Hawley, William
R R 3, Tillsonburg, ON    N4G 4G8
Phone: 519-984-5878
SouthernLivestock Trucker Heft, Mel
R R 1, Chatsworth, ON    N0H 1G0
Phone: 519-979-2342
SouthernLivestock Trucker Henry Leyser Trucking Ltd.
R R 2, Stratford, ON    N5A 6S3
Phone: 519-271-6669
SouthernProvincial Packer Highland Packers Limited
432 Highland Road East, Stoney Creek, ON    L8J 3G4
Phone: 905-662-8396   Website:
SouthernLivestock Trucker Hill, Darwin
R R 1, Burgessville, ON    N0J 1C0
Phone: 519-942-9182
SouthernLivestock Trucker Hishon, C I
R R 1, Sebringville, ON    N0K 1X0
Phone: 519-939-6408
SouthernLivestock Trucker Houser, Ruben
R R 1, Shakespeare, ON    N0B 2P0
Phone: 519-965-2504
SouthernLivestock Trucker Hurst, Lloyd
Atwood, ON    N0G 1B0
Phone: 519-935-2550
SouthernLivestock Trucker Ireland Transport
R R 2, Teeswater, ON    N0G 2S0
Phone: 519-392-6644
SouthernLivestock Trucker Ivel, Alex H
R R 3, Harriston, ON    N0G 1Z0
Phone: 519-933-3435
SouthernProvincial Packer J & J Meat Distributing Inc
331 Wolverleigh Blvd, Toronto, ON    M4C 1S5
Phone: 905-859-1540
SouthernLivestock Trucker J-don Transfer
Gowanstown, ON    N0G 1Y0
Phone: 519-291-4195
SouthernProvincial Packer J.C. Sausage & Meat Products
R R 1, Lowbanks, ON    N0A 1K0
Phone: 905-774-6170
SouthernLivestock Trucker Jackson, Ron
R R 3, Stratford, ON    N5A 6S4
Phone: 519-393-6616
SouthernLivestock Trucker Jantzi, Ivan
R R 1, Brunner, ON    N0K 1C0
Phone: 519-959-4305
SouthernLivestock Trucker Jantzi, Levi
R R 1, Newton, ON    N0K 1R0
Phone: 519-595-4345
SouthernLivestock Trucker Japp, Bryce
R R 1, Brigden, ON    N0N 1B0
Phone: 519-864-1476
SouthernProvincial Packer Johnson Meats
R R 4, Aylmer, ON    N5H 2R3
Phone: 519-773-9208
SouthernLivestock Trucker Jones Livestock
R R 5, 5834 Douglas Line, Forest, ON    N0N 1J0
Phone: 519-786-5465
SouthernLivestock Trucker Kaufman, Robert
R R 1, Bright, ON    N0J 1B0
Phone: 519-946-2261
SouthernAuction Market Kawartha Lakes Community Sale Barn Inc.
580 Woodville Rd, Woodville, ON    K0M 2T0
Phone: 705-439-4444   Fax: 705-439-3145   Website:
Sale Information: Sat - Cow/Veal
SouthernAuction Market Keady Livestock Market
R R 4, Tara, ON    N0H 2N0
Phone: 519-934-2339   Fax: 519-934-2715   Website:
Sale Information: Tues - Calves, Stockers, Cows
SouthernLivestock Trucker Kennie, Russel
R R 3, Mildmay, ON    N0G 2J0
Phone: 519-936-2011
SouthernProvincial Packer Kingma Meat Products Ltd
1150 Regional Rd 27, ST Anns, ON    L0R 1Y0
Phone: 905-386-6225
SouthernLivestock Trucker Klassen, Gordon
R R 3, Harriston, ON    N0G 1Z0
Phone: 519-933-5392
SouthernLivestock Trucker Knill, H S
R R 3, Paris, ON    N3L 3E4
Phone: 519-944-3106
SouthernLivestock Trucker Krul, Gerry
R R 4, Arthur, ON    N0G 1A0
Phone: 519-984-3127
SouthernLivestock Trucker Kuepfer, Clare
R R 1, St. Agatha, ON    N0B 2L0
Phone: 519-988-7757
SouthernProvincial Packer L & M Meat Distributing
2487 14th Line, Gilford, ON    L0L 1R0
Phone: 905-775-6775
SouthernLivestock Trucker Langerapp, Simon
R R 2, Dunnville, ON    N1A 2W1
Phone: 905-577-3707
SouthernLivestock Trucker Lannin, Earl
R R 2, Atwood, ON    N0G 1B0
Phone: 519-935-2479
SouthernLivestock Trucker Laycock, Ross
R R 8, Owen Sound, ON    N4K 5W4
Phone: 519-937-3009
SouthernAuction Market Listowel Livestock Ltd.
R R 3, Listowel, ON    N4W 3G8
Phone: 519-291-2200   Fax: 519-291-1381
Sale Information: Tues - Stockers, Veal
SouthernLivestock Trucker Lloyd Hutton Transport
Paisley, ON    N0G 2N0
Phone: 519-353-5601
SouthernLivestock Trucker Lougheed, Brian
R R 1, Badjeros, ON    N0C 1A0
Phone: 519-992-5784
SouthernProvincial Packer Louro Bros. Meats Ltd
RR 1, Ayr, ON    N0B 1E0
Phone: 519-632-7364
SouthernLivestock Trucker Luckhart Transport
Sebringville, ON    N0K 1X0
Phone: 519-393-6128   Toll Free: 1-800-465-7317
SouthernLivestock Trucker Lupton, George
R R 2, Embro, ON    N0J 1J0
Phone: 519-947-4685
SouthernLivestock Trucker Mackie Farms
R R 3, Lion's Head, ON    N0H 1W0
Phone: 519-979-3865
SouthernAuction Market Maple Hill Auctions Ltd
PO Box 341, Hanover, ON    N4N 3T2
Phone: 519-506-1400
SouthernLivestock Trucker Mardale Ltd.
Floradale, ON    N0B 1V0
Phone: 519-669-3392
SouthernLivestock Trucker Masse Trucking Inc.
Zurich, ON    N0M 2T0
Phone: 519-236-4562
SouthernLivestock Trucker McCarthur, Doug
R R 1, Erin, ON    N0B 1T0
Phone: 519-994-7170
SouthernLivestock Trucker McKinnon Transport
R R 4, Tara, ON    N0H 2N0
Phone: 519-370-2004   Fax: 519-370-0008
Sale Information: Allan's cell- 519-373-9028 or Matt-519-373-9623
SouthernLivestock Trucker McLelland, Grant
R R 2, Kincardine, ON    N2Z 2X4
Phone: 519-939-3461
SouthernLivestock Trucker McQuiggan, Lloyd
R R 6, Aylmer, ON    N5H 2R5
Phone: 519-977-3559
SouthernLivestock Trucker Meiler, L S
R R 1, Troy, ON    L0R 2B0
Phone: 519-647-3955
SouthernLivestock Trucker Mel Tindall Transport
R R 1, Uxbridge, ON    L0C 1A0
Phone: 905-852-7841
SouthernProvincial Packer Miedema's Meat Market Ltd
129 Huron St, Embro, ON    N0J 1J0
Phone: 519-475-4010
SouthernProvincial Packer Millgrove Packers Ltd
RR 2, Waterdown, ON    L0R 2H2
Phone: 905-689-6184
SouthernProvincial Packer Milton Fresh Halal Meat Packers Inc. o/a First Choice Fresh Halal Meat
5593 Highway 25, Milton, ON    L9T 2X5
Phone: 905-875-0270
SouthernProvincial Packer Mister Greek Meat Market
801 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON    M4J 1L2
Phone: 416-469-0733
SouthernLivestock Trucker Mulder, Ralph
R R 3, Wainfleet, ON    L0S 1V0
Phone: 905-589-0330
SouthernLivestock Trucker Nelson, Cedric
Caistor Centre, ON    L0R 1E0
Phone: 905-595-3386
SouthernLivestock Trucker Newman, Byrnell
R R 1, Harriston, ON    N0G 1Z0
Phone: 519-933-3666
SouthernProvincial Packer Newmarket Meat Packers Ltd
1111 Davis Drive, Unit 1, Newmarket, ON    L3Y 7V1
Phone: 905-836-7001
SouthernProvincial Packer Norwich Packers Ltd.
11 Robson Street, Norwich, ON    N0J 1P0
Phone: 519-468-3617
SouthernLivestock Trucker Ochs, Hans
St. Clements, ON    N0B 2M0
Phone: 519-969-5040
SouthernAuction Market Ontario Livestock Exchange
Box 443, Waterloo, ON    N2J 4A9
Phone: 519-884-2082   Toll Free: 800-265-8818   Fax: 519-884-0509   Website:
Sale Information: Tues - Cows/Veal/Sheep; Wed - Special Stocker; Thurs - Fed Cattle/Cows/Stockers
SouthernAuction Market Ontario Stockyards Inc.
Box 1051, Cookstown, ON    L0L 1L0
Phone: 705-458-4000   Fax: 705-458-4100   Website:
Sale Information: Mon - Veal; Tues - Cows; Wed - Cows/Fed Cattle/Veal; Thurs - Stockers
SouthernAuction Market Parks Livestock of Canada, L.L.L.P.
6 Spencer Street, Milverton, ON    N0K 1M0
SouthernLivestock Trucker Poortinga, Clarence
R R 2, Brussels, ON    N0G 1H0
Phone: 519-887-9747
SouthernLivestock Trucker Poortinga, Henry
Kirkton, ON    N0K 1K0
Phone: 519-923-2907
SouthernLivestock Trucker Priestap, Lundy
R R 2, Monkton, ON    N0K 1P0
Phone: 519-934-2647
SouthernLivestock Trucker Pushelberg, Fred
R R 3, Stratford, ON    N5A 6S4
Phone: 519-939-6429
SouthernProvincial Packer Ralph Bos Meats Ltd.
RR 5, 3742 Egremont Drive, Strathroy, ON    N7G3H6
Phone: 5192451574
SouthernLivestock Trucker Renton Transport
R R 2, Holstein, ON    N0G 2A0
Phone: 519-933-3718
SouthernLivestock Trucker Rosemont Farms
R R 1, Rosemont, ON    L0N 1R0
Phone: 705-543-5985
SouthernLivestock Trucker Roth, Phil
R R 1, Shakespeare, ON    N0B 2P0
Phone: 519-965-2127
SouthernFederal Packer Ryding-Regency Meat Packers Ltd.
70 Glen Scarlett Road, Toronto, ON    M6N 1P4
Phone: 416-767-3343
SouthernLivestock Trucker Satchell, Dwight
R R 1, Milverton, ON    N0K 1M0
Phone: 519-959-8022
SouthernLivestock Trucker Sauder Transport
8891 Concession 7, Arthur, ON    N0G 1A0
Phone: 519-848-5771
SouthernLivestock Trucker Shantz, Abner
R R 2, Wallenstein, ON    N0B 2S0
Phone: 519-966-3717
SouthernLivestock Trucker Smart, Garry
R R 2, Meaford, ON    N4L 1W6
Phone: 519-953-1008
SouthernLivestock Trucker Smith, Fred
R R 2, Staffa, ON    N0K 1Y0
Phone: 519-922-6893
SouthernLivestock Trucker Smith-Kirk Transport
Belwood, ON    N0B 1J0
Phone: 519-843-1784
SouthernLivestock Trucker Smockum Transportation Services
24757 Park Road, Pefferlaw, ON
Phone: 1-905-836-3077   Email:
Sale Information: Contact: Brad Smockum
SouthernLivestock Trucker Speiran, Ivan
R R 1, Denfield, ON    N0M 1P0
Phone: 519-666-1682
SouthernProvincial Packer St. Ann's Food Inc
70 Glen Scarlett Road, Toronto, ON    M6N1P4
Phone: 416-767-3343   Fax: 416-766-9167
SouthernFederal Packer St. Helen's Meat Packers Limited
1-3 Glen Scarlett Road, Toronto, ON    M6N 1P5
Phone: 416-769-1788
SouthernProvincial Packer Stayner Meat Packers Ltd
352 Warrington Road, PO Box 52, Stayner, ON
Phone: 705-428-3006
SouthernLivestock Trucker Stewart, Vern
R R 1, Guelph, ON    N1H 6H7
Phone: 519-983-2876
SouthernLivestock Trucker Streicher, Paul
R R 4, Listowel, ON    N4W 3G9
Phone: 519-595-2898
SouthernProvincial Packer Townsend Butchers
R R 4, Simcoe, ON    N3Y 4K3
SouthernLivestock Trucker Tuintjer, Albert
R R 7, Orangeville, ON    L9W 2Z3
Phone: 519-994-5129
SouthernFederal Packer University of Guelph Dept. Of Animal & Poultry Science
University Of Guelph, Guelph, ON    N1G 2W1
Phone: 519-824-4120   Fax: 519-767-0573   Website:
SouthernProvincial Packer V.G. Packers Ltd
RR 5, Simcoe, Ontario    N3Y 4K4
Phone: 519-426-2000
SouthernLivestock Trucker Vernla Livestock
3434 Hergott Rd, Wallenstein, ON    N0B 2S0
Phone: 519-699-5921
SouthernLivestock Trucker W Thur & Sons
Box 37, 270 Arthur Street North, Elmira, ON    N3B 2Z5
Phone: 519-669-3991
SouthernProvincial Packer Walkerton Meat Market
239 Durham Streeet, Walkerton, ON    N0G 2V0
Phone: 519-881-0781
SouthernProvincial Packer Weiland Meats Ltd
340 Centre St, Petrolia, ON    N0N 1R0
Phone: 519-882-1215
SouthernLivestock Trucker Welch, Richard
R R 6, Cambridge, ON    N1R 5S7
Phone: 519-740-2877
SouthernProvincial Packer White Veal Meat Packers
37 Fenmar Dr, Weston, ON     M9L 2L5
Phone: 416-745-7448
SouthernLivestock Trucker Whytock, Everett
R R 3, Teeswater, ON    N0G 2S0
Phone: 519-939-6173
SouthernLivestock Trucker Wilson, Earl
R R 2, Lynden, ON    L0R 1T0
Phone: 519-964-2529
SouthernProvincial Packer Windcrest Meat Packers
1350 Scugog - 3rd Line, Port Perry, ON    L9L 1A2
Phone: 905-427-9476
SouthernLivestock Trucker Woods, John
R R 3, Fergus, ON    N1M 2W4
Phone: 519-984-3799
SouthernLivestock Trucker Wright Farms
R R 3, Moorefield, ON    N0G 2K0
Phone: 519-963-2521
SouthernLivestock Trucker Zehr Transport
30 Wilson Street, Ingersoll, ON    N5C 4E8
Phone: 1-877-352-8224
SouthernLivestock Trucker Zinn, E T
R R 7, Woodstock, ON    N4S 7W2
Phone: 519-946-3950

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