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Response to 17-04 - Forage and Grazier Positions

In October of 2015, BFO received a letter from OMAFRA advising us that the Forage and Grazier Specialist positions would be combined into one position following the retirement of Joel Bagg.  Despite BFO’s recommendation that the positions be separated given the size and importance of forage and pasture production in Ontario, the positions were combined.  The new Forage and Grazier Specialist that was hired in May of 2016 to replace the retired Jack Kyle has since left OMAFRA.  A competition for a new Forage and Grazier Specialist is currently underway.  

In February of this year, BFO sent a second letter to OMAFRA urging them to reinstate the Forage Specialist and Grazier Specialist positions as distinct portfolios.  

Although the Ministry’s most recent letter does not provide any indication that province intends to re-separate these positions, OFC together with representatives from other agricultural groups who have an interest in forage and pasture production were invited to meet with the Deputy Minister in April but that meeting was postponed.  When we do meet with the Deputy, the importance and need for separate portfolios for forage and grazing production will be emphasized.

BFO’s Letter to OMAFRA

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