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Response to 17-07 - Use of "Cattlemen's" Name

The Beef Farmers of Ontario name was chosen to provide familiarity and connection to our audiences and alignment with our fellow commodity groups, e.g. Dairy Farmers of Ontario, Chicken Farmers of Ontario, Egg Farmers of Ontario, Turkey Farmers of Ontario, Grain Farmers of Ontario, in an effort to create a more consistent image that would resonate with audiences beyond the grassroots’ producer core, including industry, government, media and consumers.
At the time that BFO changed its name from the Ontario Cattlemen’s Association to the Beef Farmers of Ontario we reminded all county and district associations that they were under no obligation to change their name.  As affiliate branches that maintain their own governing rules BFO has no authority to dictate how county or district associations identify themselves.
Despite this, a number of local associations have changed names over the last few years, 15 in total, using various naming conventions.  
Notwithstanding BFO’s inability to mandate how local associations identify themselves, we do not feel it would be appropriate to now encourage associations to follow the provincial naming convention given the wide variety of naming conventions currently in use, both new and old.
True alignment with the BFO name would require all local associations to follow the provincial naming convention, which would ultimately require some associations that have recently changed their names to do so again.  As a result, we feel it is best to leave decisions regarding the name of local county cattle associations to the discretion of the local associations themselves.  

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