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Response to 17-13 - Research Dissemination

The BFO Board of Directors understands the importance of communicating research outcomes from projects funded by checkoff dollars to our members, as well as of providing venues for our members to stay up to date on all beef-related research. To this end, BFO staff are in the process of working with the Livestock Research and Innovation Corporation (LRIC) on producing an ongoing series of articles on beef research. This series will include details of research taking place at the Elora research barn, as well as descriptions of BFO-funded projects and profiles of prominent beef researchers. Articles will be published in the Ontario Beef magazine, uploaded to the “Research” section of our website, and promoted through our newsletter, in addition to being circulated through LRIC’s communication and media channels. 
BFO will continue to provide summaries of all projects funded directly through BFO, accessible under the “Research” section of our website. This research is also disclosed in a report that is provided to delegates at the AGM, and to all members of the Advisory Council at least once annually.
Furthermore, BFO encourages members to take advantage of other opportunities to access beef related research information from one or all of the following sources:

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