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While the Ontario market is the largest consumer market in Canada, the beef industry in Ontario continues to face increasing pressures from diverse import competitors, and copes with significant cost of production and economy of scale disadvantages in the North American market. To address these unique challenges and improve the support of Ontario farmers and regionally focused marketing initiatives, BFO has developed a three-year Ontario Regional Marketing Initiative (RMI) which began in 2017.

The RMI includes strong linkages to industry partners, government agencies and the beef processing sector in Ontario. A healthy processing sector is important to Ontario beef farmers and a vital link to creating demand pull for Ontario beef from the farm gate through to the consumer. Through BFO support, several Ontario beef brands have been successful in generating recognized value in the Ontario market. The intent of this initiative is to build on these models of success and provide the stimulus for sustainable growth in the Ontario beef industry.

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Collaborative Partnership Program (CPP)

In continued effort to stimulate industry alignment and encourage collaboration with industry partners and organizations, the Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) has relaunched its Collaborative Partnership Program (CPP) to further enhance the overall impact of the Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) Regional Marketing Initiative.

The relaunch of the CPP includes updated program guidelines and an enhanced application process, which are designed to make the program more clear and easy for applicants to navigate.

Through this program, BFO will continue to consider a 50 per cent cost share investment with industry partners in projects that demonstrate alignment with the strategic objectives identified through BFO's Regional Marketing Initiative, which are stated above. 

Ontario beef farmers, processors, retailers, distributors, industry associations and supply chain partners who share a direct alignment with BFO's objectives are invited to apply.  

The CPP will support collaboration across all sectors of the Ontario beef industry with a regionally focused cost sharing investment process that will achieve mutually beneficial objectives of all project partners. 

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