Past Project

Effects of Winter Grazing on Performance of Gestating Beef Cows in Northern Ontario

Executive Summary

The project examines different management strategies for wintering beef cows in northern Ontario. This includes use of conventional feedstuffs along with an unconventional feedstuff in the case of forest waste products (the needles and small branches from conifers harvested by the forest industry).  In addition, winter grazing will be evaluated to determine if stockpiled feedstuffs can be used to meet the needs of gestating cattle in a harsh winter environment which can include extensive precipitation as snow or rain depending on a given year.  The ultimate goal is to lower costs of production while meeting the needs of the gestating cow.  In addition, this study will examine how harsh environmental and(or) nutritional conditions during gestation may impact the performance of the cow’s progeny postweaning.  

Expected Completion:  2016

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