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The Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) believe in building a strong team of professionals to work on behalf of its members. BFO’s competent staff have a wide range of expertise in various areas. Together they are committed to the strategic goals of the Association and to building a strong and competitive industry for Ontario’s beef farmers.

Richard Horne

Richard Horne
Executive Director


As the senior staff person at BFO, the Executive Director is responsible for overseeing and proactively managing all facets of the organization. Responsibilities include a lead role in the strategic direction of the organization, government relations and strategy, development of annual budgets, monitoring of BFO’s financial performance, advisory roles for beef industry and multi-commodity committees, handling of all human resources activities and anticipation and management of a wide variety of issues.

Dave Stewart
Senior Advisor, Special Projects


The Senior Advisor is tasked with providing strategic advice and recommendations to the Executive Director and BFO Board of Directors on a wide range of issues and projects of relevance to the association and its strategic plan, and the Ontario beef industry as a whole.  The Senior Advisor also participates in government relations and advocacy activities on the association’s behalf.

Cathy Golubienko

Cathy Golubienko
Executive Assistant

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The Executive Assistant provides strategic and administrative support to the Executive Director and Board of Directors; co-manages Executive Director’s schedule and prepares him for meetings in advance as required including briefing notes, meeting materials, presentations, and logistics; liaises with internal and external stakeholders with and on behalf of the Executive Director; researches and drafts reports, articles, correspondence as required.

Tammy Purdham
Office Administrator

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The Office Administrator is responsible for administrative support for the organization and staff with the responsibility of ensuring a supportive, productive, and efficient office environment. Duties include reception, assistance with arranging meetings, conference calls, equipment maintenance, preparing letters, memos and reports, maintaining BFO's membership database, and back-up for market reporting. The Office Administrator also provides support to staff members on projects and the Annual General Meeting, as required.

Katherine Fox

Katherine Fox
Senior Policy Advisor

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The Senior Policy Advisor is responsible for providing guidance and direction to the Board of Directors, staff and broader membership on a wide range of issues that affect the beef industry. Duties include the monitoring of federal and provincial legislation, providing guidance on government relations strategies and strategic communications, and engaging elected officials, public servants and consumers on issues relevant to the beef industry, and other duties and special projects as assigned.  The Senior Policy Advisor reports to, and works closely with, the Manager of Policy and Issues in response to current and emerging beef industry issues.

LeaAnne Wuermli

LeaAnne Wuermli (on Maternity Leave)
Manager of Communications & Marketing

The Manager of Communications & Marketing leads BFO's efforts in communicating with members, industry stakeholders and the general public. Responsibilities include the maintenance of BFO's corporate identity; the management of BFO's Regional Marketing Initiative; coordination of member and stakeholder communications, media relations and issues management; and event/meeting management. 

Jennifer Kyle
Senior Communications Specialist

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The Senior Communications Specialist is responsible for managing the production of the Ontario Beef magazine, developing messaging and creative content for key stakeholders, preparing news releases and presentations, providing issues management support, and assisting the communications team in event/meeting management. In addition, the Senior Communications Specialist will contribute to the successful implementation of BFO's Regional Marketing Initiative.

Bethany Storey
Communications Coordinator


The Communications Coordinator is responsible for communicating to BFO members, coordinating and distributing resources, and working closely with the communications team to develop and execute various communication and promotional activities. Duties include the coordination of BFO's social media presence, administration of the Sharecost Program, management of promotional inventories, and organization of event and tradeshow participation. The Communications Coordinator also serves as Circulation Coordinator for the Ontario Beef magazine, and maintains the publication's mailing list.

Dan Ferguson

Dan Ferguson
Manager of Producer Relations

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The Manager of Producer Relations is responsible for providing support to beef farmers on programs and industry inquiries. The Manager of Producer Relations is also the provincial coordinator of the Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) program, responsible for the facilitation of VBP+ workshops and promotion of the program to beef farmers across Ontario. This position is also responsible for assisting with the development of on-farm standard operating procedures, records and documentation and preparation for on-farm audits for farm certification.

Jaclyn Horenberg
Producer Relations Specialist

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The Producer Relations Specialist is responsible for providing support to beef farmers on programs and industry inquiries. Additionally, the Producer Relations Specialist facilitates producer education and training workshops, assists in the coordination and management of the Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) program and provides assistance to BFO policy and communications staff in the development of messaging in response to government consultations and media inquiries.

Amber McIntyre

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The Accountant is responsible for BFO’s bookkeeping including accounts receivable, accounts payable and financial statements as well as payroll and benefits administration. The Accountant works closely with the Executive Director in preparing monthly financial overviews for the Board of Directors, with BFO’s Check-off Inspector in collecting and reconciling check-off dollars, and with Board members and county Advisory Councillors regarding their expenditures for the Association’s initiatives.

Jamie Gamble
Market Information Coordinator

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Responsibilities of the Market Information Coordinator include maintaining BFO’s market information, daily communications with livestock auction markets and packers, preparation of price reports, market summaries and media commentaries.

Chris Millar
Check-off Inspector

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The Check-off Inspector has the responsibility of conducting inspections of records at auction markets, packers, dealers and farmers regarding collection of and remittance of license fee deductions. The position must be appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council as an inspector under the Beef Cattle Marketing Act and/or the Livestock and Livestock Products Act.

Cheryl Russwurm
Provincial Program Supervisor

Ontario Feeder Cattle Loan Guarantee and Ontario Beef Breeder Co-op Programs

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This individual works on a part time contract basis with BFO to promote the Ontario Feeder Cattle Loan Guarantee Program, supervise the co-ops, provides leadership and director training as per an agreement BFO has with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food. As well, as part-time Supervisor of the Beef Breeder Co-op Program, this person is responsible for promoting the program and providing leadership to the co-ops with respect to policies, insurance, and audit requirements.

Chris Attema

Chris Attema
Water Quality Specialist

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This is a shared contract position with Ontario Pork, the Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency and Beef Farmers of Ontario. The Water Quality Specialist is responsible for analyzing government regulations related to water quality issues and assisting the organizations to develop and manage their responses. The position also plays a key role in providing input in research priorities with respect to water and environmental issues.

Cathy Lasby

Cathy Lasby
Advertising Manager, Ontario Beef Magazine

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The Ontario Beef magazine Advertising Manager works on contract with BFO. This position is responsible for coordinating all advertising for Ontario Beef magazine.

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