Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) is governed by its producer members. 

Twelve Board Directors serve three-year terms for a maximum of three consecutive terms and are elected on a rotating basis each year at the BFO Annual General Meeting. BFO Board of Directors represent all sectors of the industry - cow-calf, background and feedlot - and all regions of the province – north, south and east. The goal of this body is to set objectives and strategic priorities for the Association, monitor BFO finances and represent BFO to industry and government.

BFO’s Advisory Councillors act as the communication link between BFO, the provincial association, and the 49 county/district associations across Ontario. Advisory Councillors are elected each year by members of their local county/district association to represent their region of the province. This group attends two-three meetings per year, whereby BFO provides updates on projects, progress on resolutions, and discussion relative to current industry issues.

There are 49 grassroots county/district associations in Ontario. Each county/district holds an annual meeting every January to discuss issues of concern, choose delegates to attend the BFO Annual General Meeting, and vote on resolutions. Counties/districts are encouraged to submit resolutions to BFO throughout the year. Resolutions are important to BFO, as they provide overall direction for the Association each year.

The 19,000 beef farmers of Ontario are the core of the Association.

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