About Communications

While the Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) represents the unified voice of beef farmers in Ontario, BFO is also an active voice to beef farmers in Ontario supplying important and relevant information on programs and current initiatives.

The Beef Farmers of Ontario reaches its membership through various communication channels:

  • Ontario Beef Magazine - Published five times a year and distributed to over 14,000 beef farmers.
  • The Bull-etin Board - A weekly electronic newsletter distributed every Friday to nearly 1,000 subscribers.
  • Market Information - BFO assembles and reports cattle prices from across the province and also tracks industry related statistics and trends. Daily and weekly reports are offered through mail and email and the information can also be accessed through a live recording updated twice daily by calling the BFO office and requesting the noon report (301) or the daily report (300).
  • Social Media - Follow us on Twitter @OntarioBeef or visit our Facebook page
  • Events and Sponsorship - BFO actively participates in a number of tradeshows and supports various events each year educating farmers, consumers and the public on beef farming in Ontario.
  • Auction Market Communications System - A summary of news, events, weather and market information accessed through a scrolling monitor at six auction markets across Ontario.

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