On-Farm Climate Action Fund

The Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA) will be delivering the new On-Farm Climate Action Fund (OFCAF) to Ontario farmers. 
Under OFCAF, farmers can apply for cost-share to support best management practices (BMPs) that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and increase carbon sequestration, investing in farms' soil health to improve long-term productivity, profitability, and sustainability. Specific BMPs that will be supported under the program include in-field nitrogen management, cover cropping practices, and establishing or expanding rotational grazing systems.
Cost-share funding is available at 65 per cent of approved project costs. Eligible costs may be incurred starting from February 15, 2022, for implementation of new practices such as: 
  • Trying nitrogen stabilizers or in-field biological inoculants for the first time
  • Leaving a cover crop over winter where it has always been terminated in the fall
  • Setting up permanent perimeter and cross-fencing, to establish new rotational grazing systems


The intake will open to begin receiving applications on August 3, 2022 and will close at 11:59 PM ET on August 17, 2022.
OFCAF has a built-in knowledge transfer requirement – Knowledge Sharing Events (KSEs). A KSE is a networking opportunity where producers benefit from the latest research, first-hand experience from their peers and industry experts, and access to information networks or resources supporting long-term implementation of BMPs. Approved applicants must participate in a KSE after receiving approval and before submitting their claim. 
A KSE can be in many different formats, including field demonstration events, webinars, workshops, or sessions at agricultural conferences. KSEs may be hosted by any agricultural association, organization, or agri-business, provided the event meets the objectives of the OFCAF. A KSE must address at least one of the three eligible project categories with a focus on successful implementation of the practice. 

Knowledge Sharing Event - Beef 

BFO's Cow-Calf Management Tour is an OSCIA-recognized On-Farm Climate Action Fund (OFCAF) Knowledge Sharing Event for applicants with approved Rotational Grazing Systems projects. Questions about OFCAF should be directed to

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