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Current Magazine - February 2019

Branding proves success for Ontario beef

With decades of beef marketing experience, Greg Nolan, President of Artisan Farms Direct (AFD), is combining his strength and knowledge as a beef farmer to develop a new line of customer-driven, locally supplied Ontario beef brands to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)...

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Reflecting on Canada’s Old Three-Class Yield Grade System

As we all know by now, on January 15, 2019, Canada moved away from its three-class yield grade system and embraced a five-class system in line with what is currently employed in the U.S. The intention behind this move is to better facilitate international trade; with aligned grading systems, U.S. importers should have a clearer picture of how Canadian beef compares to domestic U.S. product...

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Vet On Call: Hold on to your hats – winter calving may be a bumpy ride

The weather this winter has been, for lack of a better word, unpredictable, to say the least. Rain with a bitter cold wind one day, followed by snow, then sunshine and double digits – all within the same week! And if you find yourself in the midst of calving during these fluctuating forecasts, you will want to ensure that your colostrum management is the best it can be for the sake of your calves, your profitability and your sanity...

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