Resolutions Overview

Resolution Process

Resolutions are one method that county/district associations can use to express their opinion on a specific issue to other members of the Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO). Resolutions are typically presented and discussed at the Annual General Meeting of the Association however BFO welcomes resolutions throughout the year. If you would like to submit a resolution, please complete the form below or contact the BFO office. Resolutions can recommend changes to bylaws; actions to be taken by the BFO Board of Directors, or changes to programs and policies.

The BFO Board of Directors give careful consideration to all carried resolutions. The BFO Board of Directors has a responsibility to the organization as a whole and on occasion may not support a resolution due to specific concerns (e.g. lack of funds or resources). The Board of Directors will respond to all county/district associations after a final decision has been made on each resolution.

What is a Resolution Issue?

A resolution is a formal agreement for action by a legislative body or public meeting.  The proposal in a resolution that is placed before a meeting for consideration should be clear and concise.  Resolutions should deal only with one subject so as not to cloud or confuse the proposal being considered.

The Form of a Resolution Statement

A resolution has four parts:

  1. The Mover and Seconder;
  2. The Body;
  3. The Motion or Proposal for consideration or action; and
  4. Relevant Background Information to support the resolution being made.

The Mover and Seconder of the motion being considered are required to be listed.

The Body of the motion being considered is used to describe the circumstances in a clear, concise and factual manner and to establish the needed action on the proposal.  The descriptive part of the resolution should begin with ‘’WHEREAS” and should describe:

  1. What the problem is;
  2. Why action is needed; and
  3. What the possible outcome could be if the problem is not fixed.

The Motion or Proposal defines the action being called for in a motion.  It should define what action is required.  Furthermore, it may also describe how and when the action is to be completed and who is to be involved.  The motion or proposal is the only part of the resolution that is subject to debate once it is placed before a meeting.  The motion or proposal should begin with “THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT ….”

Relevant Background Information

It is strongly recommended that relevant background information (a position paper) should be provided with any resolution to ensure that it receives prompt and effective consideration.  Relevant background information should include:

  1. The source or originator of the resolution;
  2. A contact person and their contact information who can respond  to inquiries (usually the mover);
  3. Background information such as newspaper clippings, relevant legislation or policy and personal examples where available;
  4. A statement of action expected from the Beef Farmers of Ontario; and
  5. How the resolution might change Beef Farmers of Ontario policy.

Improper Resolution Issues

Resolutions submitted to the Beef Farmers of Ontario SHOULD NOT:

  • Be a forum for airing personal grievances
  • Deal with persons or personalities
  • Address issues that can be better dealt with at a local level

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