Cow Herd Expansion

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Cow Herd Expansion in the North

Working towards a solution to the critical decline in beef production in Ontario, BFO together with the provincial government have investigated the viability of developing a new beef production system beginning with expanding the cow herd in Northern Ontario. The objective of this system is to attract new investment, bring profitability to the industry, and be sustainable for future generations. 

To support these efforts, BFO developed a dedicated website as the hub for "all things beef in the north". We encourage you to visit the site at!

OMAFRA Resources

The Starting a Farm in Northern Ontario online course was developed for those interested in starting their own farm in Northern Ontario. The course containing eight modules and is intended to take the user through the steps that require consideration prior to starting a farm.

Below are additional resources to support the Starting a Farm in Northern Ontario Course. Starting a farm offers many benefits for people seeking a different way of life or a new business venture.

Starting a Farm: What you need to know
Introduction to Northern Ontario
Farm Layout and Design
Extensive Livestock Production
Farm Support Services
Product Marketing
Financial Planning and Management
Agricultural Research in Northern Ontario

Southern/Eastern Cow Herd Expansion 

To complement the efforts of the expansion strategy in Northern Ontario, BFO is also identifying opportunities and pathways for the economically-viable expansion of Southern and Eastern Ontario's cow herd. Facilitated meetings have been held and will continue across the southern/eastern regions of Ontario to consult with beef farmers, crop farmers and other stakeholders on what is needed to encourage expansion.

  • The key ideas and priority areas for exisiting expansion include financial assistance for fencing, improving the Ontario beef breeder finance program and the potential of cover crop grazing.

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