Ontario Beef Market Development Program

As of November 1, 2019 the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission amended Regulation 54 of the Beef Cattle Marketing Act. The increase in the Ontario check-off per head will be increased from $4.00 to $5.50 per head.

Of the approved increase, $1.25 will be dedicated to support a new Joint Marketing venture between BFO and the Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association (OCFA) and the development of a joint marketing committee that will be focused on increasing market penetration of Ontario-branded beef, both at home and abroad.

The committee will provide support and promotion for all Ontario beef brands in regional, domestic and international markets by working with farmers and partners in the processing, retail and foodservice sectors.

The remaining $0.25 will be directed to BFO for continued support of producer and consumer engagement activities. 

The development of the Joint Marketing venture represents a new level of collaboration in the Ontario beef industry and a significant shift in the development, implementation and measurement of check off investments made in marketing initiatives. This shift is a direct result of the leadership position being taken by the board of directors of both Beef Farmers of Ontario and the Ontario Cattle Feeders Association as a direct response to the ever increasing gap in the development, implementation and support of provincially focused initiatives in Ontario.

The Ontario Beef Market Development Program provides a clear path forward for the development and continued growth of branded Ontario beef products.

The program provides cost sharing for industry partners who are active in marketing Ontario branded beef through the Collaborative Partnership Program (CPP).

For more information on the CPP click here.

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