Sharecost Program

Program Background

The Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) Sharecost Program provides an opportunity for BFO county and district associations to partner with the Beef Farmers of Ontario to share resources, manpower and funding to expand the outreach of EDUCATION and PROMOTION of beef within local communities across the province.


Each year, BFO county and district Associations are encouraged to submit an application for their producer and consumer educational initiatives coordinated within their local region to receive 80% funding. BFO will contribute a maximum of $2,500 for consumer promotion/education initiatives and $2,500 for producer education initiatives for a total maximum reimbursement of $5,000. The appropriate documentation must be provided to access financial support through this program. When submitting an application, only net losses will be covered and funding is retroactive to December 1st of the previous year.

Producer Initiatives

Examples of accepted producer promotion/education initiatives:

  • Bus trips, farm tours, pasture tours
  • Animal health workshops, courses
  • Guest speakers
  • Sponsorship of local 4-H clubs
  • Support for beef shows at fall fairs
  • Scholarships/bursaries
  • Displays at farm shows
  • Sponsorship of producer events
  • New product demonstrations
  • Newsletters
  • Educational resources
  • Advertising of producer events & meetings
  • Governance Training

Consumer Initiatives

Examples of accepted consumer promotion/education initiatives:

  • Agricultural awareness events
  • Displays at fall fairs
  • Participation in community parades
  • Social media development, contests
  • Banners, brochures, website development
  • Local beef promotions
  • Cooking demonstrations/classes
  • Radio/print/billboard promotions
  • School visits
  • Community fundraisers
  • Donation to food banks

Application Deadline

Deadline is approaching - November 25, 2022!


Mail: Beef Farmers of Ontario, 130 Malcolm Road, Guelph, Ontario N1K 1B1


Fax: 519.824.9101

2023 Sharecost Application Now Available

More Information

For more information contact BFO's Communications department or Accountant at 1.866.370.2333.

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