Verified Beef Production Plus

Canada’s beef producers take great pride in their animals, their operations, the environment and the product they raise. The Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) program provides producers the opportunity to showcase their commitment to food safety, animal care, disease prevention, and environmental stewardship. Increasingly, consumers have questions about where their food comes from, and VBP+ helps producers tell their story with transparency and credibility. 

The VBP+ program was developed by the cattle industry, for the cattle industry. It is meant to be simple, practical and trusted. It is a food safety-based program that is designed on the principles of an international quality control program called Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP). It is recognized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and is now a certification body for the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB). Consumers and retailers can trust that beef cattle raised on VBP+ audited operations have been raised in a safe, humane, environmentally sound and sustainable manner. Getting involved in the VBP+ is the common sense way that producers can demonstrate they are proud of their product, the care they provide their animals, and their commitment to land management and conservation. 

How to get involved with VBP+?


Training is the first step to getting involved with the VBP+ program. Training can be done by workshop, or by live online webinar.

Download the VBP+ Producer Manual

To inquire about upcoming training options, contact one of your Ontario VBP+ Coordinators: 

Dan Ferguson
BFO Manager of Producer Relations

Jaclyn Horenberg
BFO Producer Relations Specialist

Record Keeping 

Once the training is complete, you can prepare your on-farm records for an optional third-party audit. Cow-calf operations must have at least six (6) months of records, and feedlots must have at least three (3) months of records.

On-Farm Audit 

A third-party audit will be scheduled with one of our trained auditors. On-farm audits are currently required once every five years, with each of the years following the audit requiring simple record submissions to ensure you are still in compliance with the program. 

Benefits for Beef Farmers

Getting VBP+ certified verifies the responsible practices on your beef cattle operation to your customers - consumers, retailers, and buyers.

However, there are other benefits to certification on VBP+. Meeting industry standards for food safety, animal care, biosecurity and environmental stewardship can:

  • Achieve Certified Canadian Sustainable Beef status (same audit)
  • Help your operation meet specific value chain protocols (e.g. sustainable beef demand)
  • Become eligible for per head financial credits through the Canadian Beef Sustainability Acceleration Program
  • Improved use and efficacy of veterinary products used
  • Documentation (proof) of operation activities
  • A tool to manage risk (e.g. antimicrobial resistance)
  • Create opportunities for differentiated beef production or add to brand protocols
  • Potential increased market share
  • Provide a solid basis for training family and staff
  • Detect/prevent problems early
  • Defines standards for continual improvement

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