Strategy and Priorities

The Beef Farmers of Ontario Research Investment Strategy 2014-2020 outlines the following themes and outcomes:

Animal Health

  • Outcome: By 2020 Ontario beef cows have a health status that enables a longer, more productive and profitable life than in 2014. Calves are more robust, require less pharmaceutical intervention and regain optimal growth rates more quickly than in 2014.

Animal Welfare

  • Outcome: Ontario beef production meets or exceeds the standards outlined in the national Code of practice for standards of care and handling of Canadian beef cattle 2013. 


  • Outcome: Ontario cattle producers and processors are measurably reducing the environmental footprint of the industry.


  • Outcome: The Ontario beef industry is taking advantage of opportunities along the value chain that enable all sectors to be profitable and sustainable. 

Food Safety

  • Outcome: Ontario Beef is a fully traceable, reliably safe animal protein.

Genetics and Reproduction

  • Outcome: Genetic and reproduction technologies are being fully utilized as management tools to maximize profitability. 

Market Research (Consumer Preference)

  • Outcome: Accurate and timely market intelligence is enabling the industry to produce Ontario Beef that continually meets or exceeds consumer expectations.

Nutrition and Feeding Systems

  • Outcome: Based on available feed options, producers are able to formulate rations to competitively satisfy nutritional and market requirements. 

Production Systems

  • Outcome: The industry is measurably growing as a result of improved/alternative production systems being implemented across the Province.  

Product Quality

  • Outcome: Ontario beef is consistently meeting consumer demands. 

To download the BFO Research Investment Strategy 2014-2020, click here.

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