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Vet on Call

The Vet on Call service is a way to get preventative animal health information to the farmers who need it. It should be made clear that this service a) does not replace a vet-client-patient relationship, b) does not dispense actual prescriptions or c) promote any brands of pharmaceuticals. All of these stipulations are strictly monitored by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario.

All submissions are reviewed for validity before a response is issued. Please expect at least a 2-day wait. Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) reserves the right not to answer questions if anything about the submission provokes doubt. The submitter is also asked to disclose their local veterinary clinic and its phone number so that Dr. Littlejohn is able to contact the herd veterinarian if he feels it is necessary for a better recommendation.

We remain optimistic that our Vet on Call will provide valuable help to farmers who are looking for tips and suggestions with respect to herd health.

Doctor Mac Littlejohn

Meet Dr. Littlejohn, DVM

Dr. Mac Littlejohn has been a food animal veterinarian since his graduation from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2002. He grew up on a beef/swine/grain farm in Dutton/Dunwich in western Elgin County.

Mac’s main areas of interest are preventative medicine protocols and bull breeding soundness evaluations. He feels the development and implementation of economical, practical, herd-specific preventative medicine protocols for both cow-calf and feedlot producers are essential to success in the beef industry. He is also adamant about the necessity of annual bull breeding soundness evaluations for all herd sires, potential and past.

Mac has published articles in Ceptor Animal Health (OMAF Veterinary Newsletter), Ontario Farmer and Ontario Beef magazines. He has presented at various beef producer meetings, 4-H meetings and has been a consultant for other food animal veterinarians.

Dr. Littlejohn feels there is a need in the beef industry for more producer education on veterinary related topics. The cause of this partly lies in the seasonal nature of the industry. But he also sees that the seasonality could be used in our favour, to help focus our attention towards prevention and planning.

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