Learning Opportunities

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If you are interested in DEI learning opportunities, there are some great options available.

Bloom Academy

Bloom is the company through which BFO did our DEI learning experience. Their Bloom Academy is a great option for individuals wanting to learn more.

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University of Alberta's Indigenous Canada Course

This course explores key issues facing Indigenous peoples today from a historical and critical perspective highlighting national and local Indigenous-settler relations. The course is free to complete, and for a nominal fee, participants can also receive an official certificate from the University of Alberta.

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Indigenous Corporate Training Inc.

The folks at ICT Inc. help people work effectively with Indigenous Peoples through training and free resources. There are a number of great courses and resources available for those interested.

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Virtual Tour of the former Mohawk Institute Residential School

The facilitator will guide you virtually through the former Mohawk Institute Indian Residential School, sharing the history of the institution over its 140-year history. Participants will get to see different rooms throughout the school, in addition to hearing the first-hand expereince of five survivors.

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