Process & Timelines

Beef Farmers of Ontario committed $645,000 over the next three years (2023-26) to fund six research projects that will enhance the sustainability of the beef sector in Ontario.  

The overarching goal of the BFO Beef Research Program is to increase the development, adaptation, assessment, and easy adoption of on-farm technologies that help beef producers respond to changing demands, and to quantify and investigate emerging issues of importance to the Ontario and broader Canadian beef sector.

The BFO Research Committee recently considered both opportunities and problems facing the industry, as well as current BFO, OMAFRA, and BCRC research priorities. While we are open to all ideas and encourage creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, the committee did identify the following topics, listed in no particular order, as being of particular interest:

  1. Animal health and welfare
  2. Antimicrobial use, resistance and alternatives
  3. Food safety
  4. Forages
  5. Environmental sustainability
  6. Other:
    • Producing Dairy-Beef cross calves that meet market needs
    • Abattoir Condemnation Rates in the Province
    • Feed efficiency
    • Beef quality
    • Technologies that accurately measure carcass traits of interest
    • 360-degree analysis of plant-based versus livestock-based protein