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Since 2019, $1.25 of provincial check-off dollars has been dedicated to support a market development venture between BFO and the Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association (OCFA). As part of this venture, a joint marketing committee has been formed with representatives from both organization who are focused on increasing market penetration of Ontario-branded beef, both at home and abroad.

The committee provides support and promotion for all Ontario beef brands in regional, domestic and international markets by working with farmers and partners in the processing, retail and foodservice sectors.

The development of the joint marketing venture represents a new level of collaboration in the Ontario beef industry and a significant shift in the development, implementation and measurement of check off investments made in marketing initiatives. This shift is a direct result of the leadership position being taken by the board of directors of both Beef Farmers of Ontario and the Ontario Cattle Feeders Association as a direct response to the ever increasing gap in the development, implementation and support of provincially focused initiatives in Ontario.

The program also provides cost sharing for industry partners who are active in marketing Ontario branded beef through the Collaborative Partnership Program (CPP).

Collaborative Partnership Program

The Ontario Beef Market Development Strategy focuses on three (3) objectives that will enhance the competitiveness of the Ontario beef industry and provide direct benefits to Ontario beef farmers with a clear and tangible return on their current check-off investment.

  1. Growth in the domestic market for Ontario-branded beef
  2. Growth in export markets for Ontario-branded beef
  3. Maximize value of Ontario beef products

CPP is a cost shared investment program offered to partners for projects that align with our stated strategic objectives. The goal of the CPP is to stimulate industry alignment, and encourage collaboration with industry partners, organizations and NGOs.

Eligible project costs could include, but are not limited to:

  • Marketing expenses related to product/brand promotion
  • Brand development including logo design, creative work, and printing of advertising or point of sale (POS) materials
  • Research projects which align with project specific outcomes
  • External service provider fees for project specific required activities
  • Advertising costs such as local/regional radio, newspapers, flyers/inserts, social media
  • Costs associated with processing and packaging development for new products
  • Marketing costs related to buyer presentations, product demonstrations, and Communications materials
  • Travel for outgoing or incoming missions
  • Participation at targeted trade events

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John Baker
Director, Ontario Beef Market Development Program