Resolution Process

Resolutions are one method that local associations can use to express their opinion on a specific issue to other members of the Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO). Resolutions are typically presented and discussed BFO's Annual General Meeting, however BFO welcomes resolutions throughout the year. If you would like to submit a resolution, please complete the form below or contact the BFO office. Resolutions can recommend changes to bylaws, actions to be taken by the BFO Board of Directors, or changes to programs and policies.

The BFO Board of Directors give careful consideration to all carried resolutions. The BFO Board of Directors has a responsibility to the association as a whole and on occasion may not support a resolution due to specific concerns (e.g. lack of funds or resources). The BFO Board of Directors will respond to all local associations after a final decision has been made on each resolution.

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