Noon Report

Wednesday, april 24, 2024

Prices are reported on a "per one hundred pound" basis, unless otherwise stated.

Ontario Live Cattle Trade

Updated daily as the information is submitted, completed by 12:00 noon.

Ontario Stockyards Inc.

Today at Ontario Stockyards Inc., there are 30fed steers & heifers and 150 cows and bulls on offer.

Cows and bulls are selling on a steady market.  600 stockers are expected for Thursday's sale.

Ontario Auction Sales Weighted Average Prices

Ontario auction sales on Tuesday saw weighted average prices for:

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Livestock Range Avg Top Price
Large & Medium Frame Fed Steers 236.87-253.54 246.12 268.50
Large & Medium Frame Fed Heifers 239.58-254.21 246.70 265.00
Cows 123.17-167.34 144.10 219.00
Bulls under 1600 lbs 156.14-216.09 181.09 302.49
Bulls over 1600 lbs 149.64-193.79 172.67 203.00
Veal 600 lbs and over 178.70-235.54 206.73 277.50
Veal under 125 lbs 473.81-1185.34 871.91 1340.00
Replacement steers 700-799 345.31-408.77 384.69 413.00
Replacement steers 600-699 357.37-438.32 411.42 443.00
Replacement heifers 600-699 261.98-372.02 328.03 407.50
Replacement heifers 500-599 309.42-407.02 362.58 459.90

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Alberta Direct Trade

Alberta Direct Trade

The Alberta direct trade on Tuesday was untested however some light trade is possible this afternoon. Canfax reports: "This week we are dealing with a larger cash offering. Many of these are green, speculative calves that could easily stay on feed for another month or longer. With record high prices many producers have indicated they are pulling cattle forward and selling them ahead of schedule. This will have an impact on carcass weights and quality grade percent."

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Steers Live N/T Flat Rail N/T
Heifers Live N/T Flat Rail N/T

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U.S. Trade (U.S. funds)

U.S. cash cattle trade

The U.S. cash cattle trade remains untested.  No bids are on the table and could stay that way until Thursday.   Asking prices in the south are starting to surface at $185.00 cwt plus live while then north has yet to establish a price.

At the Central Stockyards online auction today there were 894 head on offer, in 6 lots.  No cattle sold today as top bids of $181.00 live fell below the reserve bids of $184.00.

Choice and select steers and heifers (2/3 choice): live N/T
  rail N/T

Chicago Mercantile Exchange

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange midsession trade on Wednesday, April 24th saw:

Live Cattle futures for:

Date $/cwt US  
Apr 182.75 -0.60
Jun 176.70 -0.45
Aug 174.80 -0.70
Oct 179.00 -0.37
Dec 183.65 -030
Feb 187.30 -0.27

Feeder Cattle futures for:

Date $/cwt US  
Apr 273.62 -0.12
May 245.02 -1.02

Corn futures for:

Date $/bu US cents
May 4.42 1/4 - 3/4
Jul 4.52 - 1/2

Soybean futures for:

Date $/bu US cents
May 11.76 +8 1/2
Jul 11.90 +8

Soft Red Winter Wheat for:

Date $/bu US cents
May 5.89 +4
Jul 6.07 1/4 +4 1/2

Canadian Dollar futures for:

Jun 72.92 -0.33
Sep 73.05 -0.33

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