Strategy & Priorities

The Beef Farmers of Ontario Research Investment Strategy 2021-2024 outlines the following themes and outcomes:

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Environmental Sustainability

Outcome: Ontario beef farmers are measurably reducing the industry’s environmental footprint by developing solutions and systems beneficial to both beef production and the Environment.

Animal Health

Outcome: By 2024, Ontario beef cows have a health status that enables a longer, more productive, and profitable life than 2021. Calves are more robust and require less pharmaceutical intervention, which will help optimize the calves’ performance. Ontario beef production will continue to meet or exceed the standards outlined in the National Beef Code of Practice for Standards of Care and Handling of Canadian Beef Cattle 2013.

Economic Sustainability

Outcome: Develop processes, procedures, technology, and equipment to help create a more economically sustainable Ontario beef industry.


Outcome: Development forages and feed systems that satisfy nutritional demands for animals at the same time increasing performance, optimizing animal health as well as decreasing production cost for producers.

Food Safety and Quality

Outcome: Ontario beef farmers continue to supply safe and high-quality beef that consistently meets consumer’s demands.

Market Research (Consumer)

Outcome: Accurate and timely market intelligence enables the industry to produce Ontario beef that continually meets or exceeds consumer expectations.