Beef Breeder Co-operative Program

About the Program

The Ontario Beef Breeder Co-operative Program is supported by the Beef Farmers of Ontario. Seven co-ops have been formed in various regions of the province to provide members with loans to purchase beef breeding females. To check if your area is covered by a breeder co-op, please see the list below.

How your Beef Breeder Co-op can work for you

  1. Apply to the co-op's board of directors for membership.
  2. Eligible members include individuals who are at least 18 years of age and who are landowners or who rent land, or are voting shareholders in partnerships or corporations owning land in Ontario.
  3. After becoming a member, producer applies for a purchase order for the amount of anticipated breeding livestock purchase, loan of $75,000+ depending on the co-operative.
  4. Most loans are payable over a five year term.
  5. Once you receive a purchase order, breeding females may be purchased in the name of the co-op.
  6. Females are tagged with co-op tags and inspected by their supervisor.
  7. The co-op facilitates the payment for the cattle.
  8. Offspring are sold in the name of the co-op and the member’s name, then the loan payment is made.

Costs to Members

Each co-op charges an annual membership fee, administration cost, insurance and tag cost. A 15% security deposit based on loan amount is required.


Administrator Contact Information

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Co-operative Area Administrator Contact
Bruce-Grey Beef Cow Finance Co-op Grey, Bruce, West Simcoe Conrad Brubacher 519.934.2666
East Beef Breeder
Hastings, Prince Edward, L&A, Frontenac, Leeds Denise Cassidy


Huron-Perth-Middlesex Beef Breeder Co-op Huron, Perth, Middlesex Janice Hawkins-Wylie 519.887.8899
Ottawa Valley Beef Breeder Co-op Carleton, Lanark, Renfrew Gwen Thirlwall 613.809.0660
Rainy River Beef Breeder Co-op Dryden, Rainy River, Thunder Bay, Kenora Terri Anne Lundgren 807.276.3813
South Queens Breeder Finance Co-op South Bruce, South Grey, North Huron, North Wellington Erich Weber
Southwest Beef Breeder Co-op Lambton, Essex, Kent & East to 403 Alex Gray 226.378.1731

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