Special Project Fund

About the Project

BFO's Special Project Fund provides additional funding support to local associations who actively subscribe to BFO’s Sharecost Program. The fund is intended to support unique and exceptional projects that help to expand the reach of beef production education and beef promotion in rural and urban communities across the province. Local associations who meet the cap under BFO’s Sharecost Program are eligible to receive 100 per cent funding up to a maximum of $2,500 per project. Projects that are administered by more than one county/district are encouraged.

Funding Criteria

  • Submitted projects/project concepts must be new/unique, re-occurring projects are not eligible for funding.
  • Local associations must intend to meet the cap through BFO’s Sharecost Program. Special projects cannot be submitted under the Sharecost Program.
  • There will be a 20 per cent holdback on approved funds until December of each year. This will ensure Sharecost has been used entirely.
  • Local associations can apply at any time.
  • Only one project per local association can be submitted per year.
  • Project concepts are encouraged to be submitted prior to the project start date for approval.
  • Projects can be submitted after completion; however local associations acknowledge the risk that the project may not be approved for funding.
  • If your association is submitting a project concept, BFO requires at least two months prior to the expected project start date to review the application.

Ineligible Project Costs (Aligns with BFO’s Sharecost Program)

  • Capital cost of equipment, land, buildings or roads
  • Normal business operating expenses
  • Honorariums for secretary/treasurer/administrative/executive positions
  • Labour associated with planning, organizing and/or executing activities
  • Office supplies not directly related to the project
  • Purchase or donation of alcohol for events or meetings
  • Memorial donations

How to Apply

  • Submit a Special Project Fund Application by email to LeaAnne Wurmli at leaanne@ontariobeef.com 
  • Applications will be reviewed and funding decisions will be made by the BFO Board of Directors. If approved, copies of receipts will be required before payment is made by BFO. If the project is already complete, please submit receipts with the completed application.