Government Relations & Advocacy

On an ongoing basis, Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) monitors and responds to legislative proposals, bills, and proposed policy and program changes. In addition, BFO’s Board of Directors and senior staff maintain close contact with MPs, MPPs, and political staff to keep the priorities for Ontario’s beef sector top-of-mind with decision makers.

Why does the Ontario Beef Sector Matter?

  • We are a leader in global sustainable beef efforts
  • We maintain one of the lowest GHG footprints of all beef systems in the world
  • We contribute $2.69 billion to Ontario’s GDP on an annual basis
  • We sustain more than 61,000 jobs through primary production, processing and retail

provincial government priorities

  1. Increase the cap on the Ontario Risk Management Program (RMP) by $100 million annually.
  2. Conduct a review with the agriculture sector of farm inspection and enforcement practices employed under the Provincial Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) Act.
  3. Increase investment in programs that support meat processing capacity and infrastructure, and the training, recruitment, and retention of meat cutters and butchers.
  4. Commit to preserve farmland through sound provincial land use policy that sees agricultural lands, including marginal lands used for livestock grazing and carbon sequestration, protected as the highest and best use of our province’s arable land.

Federal government Priorities

  1. Oppose Bill C-282, An Act to Amend the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Act (Supply Management) to allow Canada to preserve its ability to negotiate comprehensive trade agreements.
  2. Address remaining BSE issues and expedite the harmonization of Canada’s SRM removal rules with the United States.
  3. Create regulatory flexibility for commercial drivers’ hours of service when transporting livestock.
  4. Continue to prioritize meaningful and balanced market access and international trade deals that support Canadian beef farmer interests.

Why should government invest in farmers?

Partnering with Ontario farmers means more than just an added expense, it represents an investment with a proven return for the Canadian and Ontario economy.