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Ontario Beef on the Menu at Lone Star Texas Grills

May 17, 2024

Lone Star Texas Grill is partnering with Ontario beef farmers to bring high quality, locally produced Ontario Corn Fed Beef to their 23 locations across the province. Lone Star is Ontario’s original full service Tex-Mex restaurant, serving award-winning fajitas, and margaritas for over 35 years.

The Oakville Ontario based company has been in business since 1986. Lone Star started when two football players from Texas found themselves in the nation’s capital. They loved Ottawa (yes, even the winters), but one thing was missing: The Tex-Mex food they loved from back home. So, they took matters into their own hands, and opened up the very first Lone Star.

Lone Star Texas Grill continues to stay true to its roots, and focuses on freshly made Tex-Mex dishes, with a heavy focus on beef.

“The partnership with Ontario Beef is an important one,” says Lyndon O’Hearn, Director Purchasing-Culinary & Beverage Development for Lone Star. “As an Ontario company, we wanted to connect with Ontario beef farmers to bring high quality locally produced Ontario beef to our menu. The consistent great taste of Ontario Corn Fed Beef aligns well with our commitment to quality.”

“We are proud to partner with Lone Star Texas Grill,” says Jim Clark, Executive Director of the Ontario Corn Fed Beef Program and CEO of the Ontario Beef Market Development program. “We wanted to partner with an Ontario-based restaurant chain who value the commitment our members make in producing consistently great tasting beef. Ontario beef farming families take pride in caring for our animals and protecting the natural environment for future generations.”

This partnership has a significant impact on the Ontario cattle and beef sector. First off, it demonstrates the confidence the market has in high quality Ontario beef. That confidence continues to drive demand for Ontario cattle, which benefits many agriculture sectors in the province including, but not limited to, cattle farmers, crop farmers, vet services and feed mill/animal nutritionists and beef processors. Secondly, the partnership contributes to Ontario’s economic development and supports local rural communities across the province.

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