Resolution Responses

23-01-Age Verification at Processing

BFO staff brought the issue to the attention of CFIA that there are still instances where age verification in federal plants is not being recognized. CFIA is disappointed to hear there are still issues occurring. They indicated that it is imperative that these issues are flagged when they happen so they can determine if the issue is localized to a specific inspector, office or region.

In July 2021 BFO received operational guidance on age determination for inspection staff and CFIA has noted that nothing has changed. The acceptable methods for age determination of an animal are as follows:

  1. date of birth proof either from CCIA or ATQ database, including the actual date on which a calf is born or the first day of the calving period which a group of calves was born and
  2. dentition when estimated dates are provided by other methods.

Should there be an instance where age verification in federal plants is not being recognized, please contact the office as soon as possible so the issue can be flagged for CFIA to investigate.

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