Past Projects

Forage and Grassland Productivity

Determining the nutritional value of alternative forage crops for beef production in Ontario

Research Lead: Dr. Bill Deen , University of Guelph

Executive Summary

The main purpose of this research project is to analyze forage quality and yield response of “new” cover crops harvested in the spring when planted after corn silage or soybeans. Uncertainty exists regarding productivity and quality of either fall harvested or spring harvested double-cropped forages.  Data on the relationship between forage harvest timing on forage yield and quality is required to assist both the forage producer and the livestock producer/end-user in understanding how this "new" forage source may fit into their operations and nutritional programs. With low forage inventories in 2012, higher land costs, and increased interest in cover crops, yield and nutrient quality expectations of these forage options are needed by farmers to support their development.   This project will help provide alternatives to traditional forages through investigation and nutritional analysis of winter forages grown following soybean or corn silage and spring cereals double cropped after winter wheat.  

Expected Completion:  2015 

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