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Economic Research

Developing Key Performance Indicators for the Beef Sector

Research Lead: Dr. Maury Bredahl , University of Guelph

Executive Summary


  • Grow the number of producers participating in the key performance indicator project and gather necessary data.
  • Identify sources of efficiency and supporting management practices.
  • Empower producers to make better management decisions through their use of such information.



  • A revised management survey collecting additional information was developed.
  • Data envelopment analysis was conducted usingkey revenue and cost metrics obtained from the OFMAP financial series. Results indicate a wide degree of divergence in efficiency scores across cow-calf operations in Ontario.
  • Results of the efficiency analysis have been widely disseminated to producers and other stakeholders.


  • Maximizing pasture management and improving birthing and weaning percentages are key performance indicators for the beef sector. Continued research efforts are required in these areas.
  • OMAFRA staff has used the results in several tech transfer presentations and in working with individual farmers.

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