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Forage and Grassland Productivity

Improving utilization of forages by yearling beef cattle in Northern Ontario

Research Lead: Dr. Ira Mandell and Dr. Carol Lafreniere , University of Guelph and Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue

Executive Summary

The project examines supplementation strategies to increase performance of beef cattle managed on pasture or fed round bale silage.  Cattle performance on forages often does not match the nutrient content of the forages due to limited energy  and(or) inadequate amounts or quality of forage protein.  Energy supplementation is examined for pastured cattle to increase gains and the carrying capacity of pasture, with direct comparison of growth performance, carcass, and meat quality traits for pastured cattle  to cattle fed a high concentrate diet in drylot.  The effect of bypass protein supplementation for cattle fed round bale silage is also examined to determine if silage protein content and quality is limiting performance.  Again, growth performance, carcass, and meat quality traits are examined.  The ultimate goal is to improve utilization of forages for beef cattle production and lower costs of production.

Expected Completion:  2015 

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